ADVANTEC is committed to maintain the health and safety of our employees, and all others affected by our activities. We have established a QHSE Management system according to the most stringent standards, to ensure the highest quality in all our products and service operations. We have adapted work methods to ensure that we do not adversely effect the environment in which we live. 


Quality policy

The Quality objective for the Advantec Group is to continuously perform work and deliver products and services that meet the demands and requirements given by our international standards and regulations. We also aim to exceed the expectations defined by clients, in our product deliveries and the services provided.



HSE policy

Advantec has adopted the “Zero Mindset” policy, which implies that we are committed to work towards zero incidents. We hold the belief that any and all unwanted incidents can be prevented through continuous measurement and improvement.


Environmental policy

We commit ourselves to act with respect and attention to the environments we encounter through our activities. Our environmental aspects are the cornerstones for our continued efforts toward achieving a lesser impact on the environment.

All of our employees have a common commitment to prevent damages and minimizing our negative environmental influence both through action and attitude.


QHSE Qualification of Suppliers

QHSE verification of suppliers in Norway:

Contact: Jon Terje Hauger, QHSE Responsible

Mail: jon.terje.hauger@advantecgroup.com

Memberships & Approvals

Advantec works in accordance with relevant standards and bodies to ensure product quality.
We hold certifications and authorizations for all our key activities by recognized standards and regulations.

These include:

  • Achilles
  • FPAL 
  • ISO
  • Nemko